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Archaeological remains

Vestiges des cuisines de Louis d'Orléans

From the 10th to the 14th century, traces of the past have left their mark on the stones of this castle.

A monumental kitchen

Château de Coucy is not only a remarkable site, it's also an open-air history lesson.

Discover the remains of a monumental , fully-equipped kitchen dreamed up by Louis d'Orléans.

These remains, unearthed in 2018, are largely well preserved. The masonry still stands over 3 meters high.

Just imagine! A kitchen over 60 meters long, with a central rectangular fireplace of almost 30 m² surrounded by eight columns topped by a monumental hood.

Cuisines de Louis d'Orléans
cuisines de Louis d'Orléans

© S.Leleu/Centre des Monuments Nationaux

We search, we find!

Another dig began in 2022. Located on the opposite side of the farmyard, it uncovered a rectangular building backed by a tower.

Walls reveal a two-storey building with a noble floor, probably decorated with paintings, and a central pillar. This would appear to be a former refuge of the Prémontré abbey.

History has yet to reveal all its secrets: what will archaeologists find during the next dig?

Vestiges du refuge de l'abbaye du Prémontré
Vestiges du refuge de l'abbaye du Prémontré

© S.Leleu/Centre des Monuments Nationaux

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