Visiting Coucy Castle as a family? Discover all our offers!

Visits and activities

Discover our family activities

Get ready to explore the château with your children! We've got several options for you:

  • Don't miss the guided tours and activities offered by our mediators during the vacations.
  • The "Family Rendezvous" and "Monument, jeu d'enfant" activities are sure to be unforgettable.
Familles au château de Coucy
Familles au château de Coucy

© S.Ouadah / Centre des Monuments Nationaux

"on a mission for blanche de castille

Exclusive this summer at Château de Coucy: the new treasure hunt "On a mission for Blanche de Castille".

When you arrive at the château, pick up a mysterious bag and decipher all the objects in it to solve the investigation on which the famous Queen of France has commissioned you.

Enigmas, secret codes, sketches... Explore Enguerrand III's fortress and unveil one of the most astonishing legends attributed to the Sire de Coucy.

Family activities, from 5 years upwards.
Free access, no extra charge.

En mission pour Blanche de Castille
Présentation des éléments pour résoudre l'énigme

© H.Lienard/Centre des Monuments Nationaux

Visiting tips

Enjoy the wide-open spaces of Château de Coucy

A 2-hectare estate full of nooks and crannies. Ideal for stretching your legs after a long drive!

Where to eat?

Picnics are not permitted in the park. Treat yourself to the best view for a chatelain-style lunch or snack in one of the village's two restaurants.

Free admission

Admission is free for under-18s. Don't miss out!

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Visit conditions

Visit with complete peace of mind!

  • Strollers are allowed inside the château.
  • Toilets in the monument