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The cellars

The impressive dimensions of the cellars take you back in time.

Cellars dating back to the 13th century

They are located beneath the large cellar, which itself forms the first floor of the main hall. Close to the medieval kitchens, they were used for supplies and the storage of provisions and wine .

In the Middle Ages, they were accessed via two staircases: a staircase to the north-west, now condemned, and a straight staircase of some 40 steps in the eastern wall.

The volume of the cellars is spectacular. Two bays 57 meters long and 11.50 meters wide, separated by large arcades supported by powerful pillars, support beautiful pointed barrel vaults.

caves du château de Coucy
caves du château de Coucy

© Benjamin Gavaudo / Centre des monuments nationaux

Traces of the past

To ensure the preservation of the foodstuffs necessary to the life of the château, the cellars are ventilated by vertical window wells that open onto the courtyard.

The walls bear the marks of numerous stonemasons (in medieval times, stonemasons were paid by the job), as well as some ancient graffiti.

entrée des caves du château de Coucy
entrée des caves du château de Coucy

© Caroline Rose / Centre des monuments nationaux

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