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The charm of the ruins

Château de Coucy vu du ciel

As soon as you arrive at the foot of the Château de Coucy, you'll be greeted by the ruins, which invite you to enter the towers that are still standing.

Breathtaking ruins

Whether you come in summer, winter or autumn, you'll be won over by the charm of the ruins.

Let us guide you from the lower to the upper courtyard. Take the medieval staircases that plunge you, through your imagination, into what the château once was: splendid halls of extraordinary dimensions.

These monumental remains allow you to imagine daily life in the prestigious Middle Ages, particularly since the latest archaeological digs uncovered the ancient ducal kitchens.

And the charm works...

Vue sur le village depuis les tours
Vue sur le village depuis les tours

© M.Déjardin/Centre des Monuments Nationaux

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